How to create awesome websites with 7 building blocks
09 Oct 2019

How to create awesome websites with 7 building blocks

One fine day, I got a slack notification alerting me to a co-worker’s message. With a good few website launches under my belt, it prompted me to get into ...
25 Sep 2019

Beating writers block and getting out of a slump

Getting stuck on a project or feeling like you are in a slump is definitely not beneficial to your productivity or wellbeing. Taking care of yourself is vital ...
04 Sep 2019

How to Grow Your Blog’s Readership Faster

Blogging is great for business. Through a blog, you provide useful and engaging information to an online community. This increases traffic to your site, ...
31 Jul 2019

Blog types and when to use them

There are many different types of blogs, each with their own personalities and uses. It’s important to use a variety of blog formats to keep your readers ...
10 Jul 2019

So you’ve been asked to write a product description

If you’ve shopped online you’ll have been frustrated by poor product descriptions. But product descriptions don’t have to be hard to write – it’s about knowing ...
05 Jun 2019

How to Engage in the Best Way with the People You've Found with Inbound

In our introduction to inbound marketing, we ran through the basics of an inbound approach. In the follow-up, we went over attraction, its first major step. ...
23 Jan 2019

Writing on a deadline? 5 things to help you deliver

As a content marketer with more than 10 years of experience, I’ve faced my fair share of deadlines. Here's what has worked for me. 
28 Nov 2018

How to be a great editor when it comes to your own work

How can you edit your own work? If we turn this around, the question is: how can you not edit your own work? Any writing that’s important, that will be read by ...
15 Aug 2018

Who Do You Think I am?

With all the written content being poured into marketing these days, the phrase tone of voice is getting a lot of airplay. If you want to find your tone of ...
01 Aug 2018

Freelancing with a toddler: How to manage your work time

Balancing working from home with a toddler too? It’s doable. In an ideal world, I would have sat down with a hot cup of coffee and jotted down a few ideas on ...
08 May 2018

Writing in the 21st century: 7 awesome apps authors need

Using apps and devices might seem counter-intuitive to the life of a busy author. Often slated as the ultimate distraction; with the right apps, your device ...