Human Rights Day 2018 – truth, love and justice
11 Dec 2018

Human Rights Day 2018 – truth, love and justice

History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – a call for justice Just imagine. Until 10 December 1948, there was no Universal Declaration of Human ...
21 Nov 2018

Five toilet truths you need to know

Picture this. You are a business manager having a bad day. There is a toxic dispute happening between two staff members. Your sales are down. You have one hour ...
31 Oct 2018

Top video creating and hosting platforms for your business

To create great social videos which engage your audience, it’s important to both be able to create great videos and have a way to connect the content with your ...
09 Oct 2018

Freedom, Boundaries, and Development: What is the ‘new normal’?

“The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.”       ...
17 Jul 2018

Media Habits of the Generations and the Classroom

This blog will look a little further into the digital culture that has emerged from the new online spaces Australian students are finding themselves in.
03 Jul 2018

#MeToo speaks the languages of the world

Pick a country or capital city on the globe. Add me #MeToo in search and you will find that the global phenomenon is everywhere, connecting billions of people ...
28 Mar 2017

Which social media assets will bring you the best results?

Social media is much less about being social these days – it’s more about being heard. But how do you raise your voice above the clamour? How do you choose the ...
21 Jun 2013

‘Nouns’ and ‘verbs’ may shape my words, but typography ‘x-heights’ me

When I first started in the media, it was as a layout editor at the largest Sunday sports section in Australia. 22-year-old me, of course, naïvely thought my ...
11 Apr 2013

Seven things you need to do when the media comes calling

As a journalist with News Limited for 12 years (prior to joining The Copy Collective) including being Business Editor of The Daily Telegraph, the Online Editor ...