Human Rights Day 2018 – truth, love and justice
11 Dec 2018

Human Rights Day 2018 – truth, love and justice

History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – a call for justice Just imagine. Until 10 December 1948, there was no Universal Declaration of Human ...
05 Dec 2017

The Right to be Human Turns 70 Years Old

10 December is the day we recognise “equality, justice and human dignity” for everyone on our planet. It’s Human Rights Day!
02 Dec 2017

Celebrating Disability and the Importance of Inclusivity

The international Day of People with a Disability is important in reflecting the growth of inclusivity and recognising the achievements of people with a ...
14 Nov 2017

Pride before Prejudice, The Australian Postal Survey

Can equality ever be attained through popular polling? Jean Kite Taylor looks at why a postal vote was the wrong way to advance same-sex marriage in Australia.
31 Oct 2017

Hey, iSentia! Why didn’t you buy us?

While I must admit to a certain amount of schadenfreude when it comes to the spectacular rise and fall of one of our business rivals King Content, here at The ...
27 Sep 2017

5 top tips that I learnt at F&P 2017

Fundraising speed dating There’s nothing like getting out of the office for a couple of days to catch up with old friends and past colleagues, chew the fat and ...
30 Aug 2017

The ‘how to’ of writing every day

It’s been said that writers are people who write - whether they’re successful, or even literary, is another matter entirely. One thing’s for sure, however, ...
18 Jul 2017


Do you sit and write at your desk from dawn to dusk? You are the perfect candidate for five micro exercises to help you keep your body focussed on fitness when ...
20 Jun 2017

9 amazing podcasts that will make a difference to your small business

Podcasts are the new schoolroom, the new radio, the new business conference – and they’re a lot more interesting! These nine top podcasts by Australian ...
09 May 2017

The fascinating hidden truth of Mother's Day

Say the words ‘Mother’s Day’ and people immediately think of Hallmark, overpriced flowers and restaurants and cafés too packed to get a seat. But it hasn’t ...
03 May 2017

What are these Star Wars’ aliens up to now?

Ever wondered what your favourite Star Wars’ actors have been up to since you last saw them in space? Well, time to find out and put your curiosity to bed.