How to break up with your agency
13 Feb 2019

How to break up with your agency

I know we live in an age where it’s considered totally fine to break up with someone via text message – or just not contact them at all, until they finally ...
11 Sep 2018

Autumn in Gascony

“Designers want me to dress like Spring, in billowing things. I don't feel like Spring. I feel like a warm red Autumn.” Marilyn Monroe
05 Sep 2018

A Few Good Men

"My dad’s name is Phil, and whenever I finish eating and say, 'Dad, I’m full,' he always replies, 'No, I’m Phil; you're Ruby.'” – Ruby’s Dad 
28 Aug 2018

Itchy feet? How to land your first gig overseas

The travel bug has bitten hard, holidays are no longer enough to satiate your wanderlust and you’re dreaming about living like a local in one of your favourite ...
21 Aug 2018

Guidance and comfort: the magic of service dogs

I was eyes to the blind, and feet was I to the lame. Job 29:16  Don’t we all go weak at the knees when we see a service dog, usually a seeing-eye dog? Although ...
15 Aug 2018

Who Do You Think I am?

With all the written content being poured into marketing these days, the phrase tone of voice is getting a lot of airplay. If you want to find your tone of ...
07 Aug 2018

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

Quick quiz Q: Do you know the current population of the world? A: That’s right – just over 7.5 billion – and 253,419 people have been born in the world since ...
01 Aug 2018

Freelancing with a toddler: How to manage your work time

Balancing working from home with a toddler too? It’s doable. In an ideal world, I would have sat down with a hot cup of coffee and jotted down a few ideas on ...
24 Jul 2018

3 Popular Video Types to Skyrocket your Social Media Engagement

Gone are the days when video was considered a nice-to-have asset in a marketer’s toolkit. Today, small and medium businesses must connect with their target ...
17 Jul 2018

Media Habits of the Generations and the Classroom

This blog will look a little further into the digital culture that has emerged from the new online spaces Australian students are finding themselves in.
11 Jul 2018

Outstanding or Obnoxious? How do you chat online?

As a self-employed contractor working my way through the world, I’ve been added to at least fifteen different Slack teams, two Yammer groups and one Microsoft ...