How to be Protected in an Increasingly Connected World
14 Aug 2019

How to be Protected in an Increasingly Connected World

Our digital neighbourhood isn’t what it used to be. We can’t leave our electronic doors open anymore. Connected life is increasingly hostile and difficult to ...
16 Jan 2014

What you can learn from someone else's business disaster

A disaster for one suburban cafe is a learning opportunity for all small businesses, writes Maureen Shelley. In leafy Lindfield, the day started well for ...
09 Jan 2014

Disney, disability and Frozen

Frozen charts feminist territory and a glimmer of a more enlightened view of people with disabilities for Disney writes Maureen Shelley. Despite the singing (I ...
25 Dec 2013

How to be a freelance writer people want to use again and again

The Copy Collective's Andrea O'Driscoll knows what it takes to be a good writer.
18 Dec 2013

What's on your mind?

How I learned to love crappy Facebook statuses If you’re a regular user of Facebook, you scroll past inane statuses every day. Maybe in the last hour. It might ...
04 Oct 2013

Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web Your digital audience is internet-savvy and time poor. So don't waste their precious time (and yours) with long-winded explanations of why ...
04 Sep 2013

What Will the Results of the Federal Election Bring You

21 Aug 2013

The Great Gatsby or just the not-so-great gabby

Thanks to Warner: The Great Gatsby poster Our Paris-based fashionista Tina Antarakis, manages to get some time off from working for her own business, The Style ...
10 Jul 2013

What You Can Learn from Us Being The Client From Hell

Thanks to What you can learn from us (well, it was me really; sorry Dominique) being The Client From Hell Maureen Shelley shares what ...
28 Jun 2013

My favourite punctuation mark

Correct use of colons and semi-colons is good for showing-off. The comma does a fine job separating things. Brackets, dashes and the ellipsis all have a role ...
21 Jun 2013

‘Nouns’ and ‘verbs’ may shape my words, but typography ‘x-heights’ me

When I first started in the media, it was as a layout editor at the largest Sunday sports section in Australia. 22-year-old me, of course, naïvely thought my ...