Writing on a deadline? 5 things to help you deliver
23 Jan 2019

Writing on a deadline? 5 things to help you deliver

As a content marketer with more than 10 years of experience, I’ve faced my fair share of deadlines. Here's what has worked for me. 
17 Mar 2013

4 Ways to Get a Reader to Read More Than Just Your Headline

After having been a professional writer for a few years, the hands-down most annoying thing about the job is that whenever you write something, it is extremely ...
12 Mar 2013

What Can Britney Spears Teach My Charity About Marketing?

What could single mother Britney Spears, who has admitted to “dabbling” in drugs and is renowned for going out without her knickers, have to teach the charity ...
05 Mar 2013


As The Copy Collective heads towards achieving 50 "likes" on Facebook, it put managing editor Maureen in reflective mood.
04 Mar 2013


At The Copy Collective, when we want fashion advice or retail marketing copy we turn to our resident fashionista, Athina ‘Tina’ Antarakis. This young lovely ...
24 Feb 2013

In the beginning, there was the Word

The word is a powerful tool, especially when placed in order from left to right (or in some cultures, from right to left) with a bunch of other words. The word ...