Organising your way to a better life
13 Mar 2019

Organising your way to a better life

From Deck the Halls to clearing the decks… and now it’s March. You’re tired and the year has barely begun. You’ve returned to work frazzled and listening to ...
10 Jul 2013

What You Can Learn from Us Being The Client From Hell

Thanks to What you can learn from us (well, it was me really; sorry Dominique) being The Client From Hell Maureen Shelley shares what ...
28 Jun 2013

My favourite punctuation mark

Correct use of colons and semi-colons is good for showing-off. The comma does a fine job separating things. Brackets, dashes and the ellipsis all have a role ...
21 Jun 2013

‘Nouns’ and ‘verbs’ may shape my words, but typography ‘x-heights’ me

When I first started in the media, it was as a layout editor at the largest Sunday sports section in Australia. 22-year-old me, of course, naïvely thought my ...
07 Jun 2013

Three things to get you through the tough times . . .

They visit us all - they can be personal, work-related, world events and everything in between - they are the tough times.
11 Apr 2013

Seven things you need to do when the media comes calling

As a journalist with News Limited for 12 years (prior to joining The Copy Collective) including being Business Editor of The Daily Telegraph, the Online Editor ...
01 Apr 2013


You helped us get there. Thanks! Turning 60 is a big deal in most people's lives and hitting the magic 60 mark for The Copy Collective is something we are ...
22 Mar 2013

"Listen to this, it is important."

“This sentence has five words. Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what is happening. The ...
17 Mar 2013

4 Ways to Get a Reader to Read More Than Just Your Headline

After having been a professional writer for a few years, the hands-down most annoying thing about the job is that whenever you write something, it is extremely ...
12 Mar 2013

What Can Britney Spears Teach My Charity About Marketing?

What could single mother Britney Spears, who has admitted to “dabbling” in drugs and is renowned for going out without her knickers, have to teach the charity ...
05 Mar 2013


As The Copy Collective heads towards achieving 50 "likes" on Facebook, it put managing editor Maureen in reflective mood.